Cheers to the runners

Cheers to the runners

Whenever you begin a new journey (or run) there must always be a first.  A first step.  A first introduction.  A first foray out into the unknown.  This year has led to many firsts for my husband and I.  We have run our first multi-day event (the Jackals Marathons – 5 marathons in 5 days), this will be our first year as official Marathon coaches for our local running store, this is my first year as a manager, and my first year as an InknBurn brand ambassador.  And more pertinent to this moment, a first blog post.

My husband and I have shared many wonderful and daunting moments in the 6 years we have been married and through it all, our old friend “running” has kept us moving forward and connected.  We hope to use this blog to share some of the comedy and crazy that comes when you have two ultra-runners sharing the journey together and how sharing thousands of miles  and bearing witness to the other’s life on our journey has led to a connection beyond any  we could have imagined.  So on this, our inaugural blog post, we propose a toast:  “Cheers to the runners, a community like no other.  You have given us far more than we could have thought possible and have taken us to places both physical and mental that we did not know existed.  Bring on the miles and the smiles as we begin another foray into the unknown.  Cheers!”


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